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Course participant reviews for ACI Learning

Average rating 4.8

Based on 149 reviews.

Carrie H.
Chris K.
Alex D.
Ben D.
It has given me a lot of insight. Since I'm new to auditing, it has broadened my knowledge.
Mike B.
This is a very good course!
Nick F.
High-level cyber security audit for top management.
Jack S.
This course actually taught me more than I thought I would.
Lionel J.
Amy C.
Mike O.
A very informative and excellent course
Megan D.
Excellent training in governance & compliance and risk management.
Carly F.
A good course that I'd recommend to anyone.
Xavier B.
Samantha M.
Helen S.
It was a worthwhile program that has given me a new perspective to fraud and forensic investigation.
Wendy S.
The course focuses on the main risks and audit checks to look for in the oil, gas and petrochemical Industries.
Julia L.
Amber P.
The course was solid, the instructor was very open to discussions and exchange of thoughts, and very knowledgeable.
Leah S.
Useful program, improved the experience in oil and gas internal auditing by having group live training and discussions with people from the same field.
Shane L.
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